Vehicle Integration
and Engineering

Zytek have a great deal of experience in the application and integration of both in-house and third party products to hybrid and electric vehicles. This, combined with our engine management expertise, has generated significant business with the major vehicle manufacturers, using many of the following skill sets;

  • Vehicle homologation, range testing and VCA certification
  • High Voltage system architecture feasibility and implementation including power distribution, charge connection and HV safety.
  • Controls system architecture for powertrain controls, hybrid, range extender, and electric vehicles.
  • Platform of Flexible Vehicle controller, Gasoline and Diesel engine controllers, Electric engine controllers, electric gear shift controller and automatic transmission controls development experience within a hybrid architecture.
  • CAN integration / Management, Competence in Sensors and actuators, electronics, Algorithm development, software implementation and calibration automotive powertrain applications
  • Gearbox and Driveline, battery charger, cooling pumps, HVAC, heating and air conditioning, brake assistance, and power steering specification and packaging.
  • Component packaging, BIW and crash worthiness engineering
  • Environmental testing