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Zytek 25kW

Water Cooled Motor/Transmission

A compact, lightweight electric powertrain with complimentary transmission which is ideally suited for small inner city cars and quadricycles.


Technical Data
Inverter - Continental EPF2-3
TypeIGBT 3-phase bridge
Voltage range250 - 425V
Vehicle communicationsCAN
Vehicle auxiliary system supply2200W @ 13.5V
Weight7.6kg (dry)
Gearbox - Vocis Graziano
Type2 stage, helical gear, single ratio, integrated differential
Weight11kg (wet)
Overall ratio14:1
Max wheel torque896Nm
Motor - Zytek Automotive
Type3 phase AC permanent magnet synchronous
Power - peak/continuous25kW/15kW (Peak for 30 secs)
Torque - peak/continuous64Nm/47Nm (Peak for 30 secs)
CoolingWater/Glycol Weight
Weight12.8kg (without leads)

Zytek 25kW.

  • Water Cooled Motor/Transmission

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